September 15, 2014

Youth Series



Madcap Puppets


Saturday Feb. 1, 2020

Cameo Theater  

Twice Upon A Time – 11:15 AM

Aiden Legend, only child, is making funny faces into a mirror when it falls and breaks, accidentally propelling Aiden’s mirror image into the real world. Is there room in our world for two Aiden Legends? Can Aiden get the Accidental Twin back into the mirror!?

Workshop   10:00 AM

 Lead by Madcap personnel, children will create their own puppet masterpieces.  You never know what Madcap puppets you’ll encounter!

Tickets to the Show: Adults – $6.00, Children (12 and under) – $4.00 

Tickets to the Workshop – $10.00 – Children only.  All supplies furnished.

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 COSI Science Spots

Our COSI event on Saturday, March 14, 2021 is being postponed until May 16, 2020 based on the ban Gov. Dewine put on gatherings over 100 people. He put this ban in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We will be rescheduling the event in the near future, so please hold on to your tickets. We will announce the new date as soon as possible. Those tickets will be honored at the new COSI date.

Cameo Theater

March 14, 2020

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

COSI’s Science Spot traveling science exhibition comes to Sidney.  Enjoy an assortment of Science spots listed below.  

  Air Cannon

Participants press against a rubber membrane that covers a large drum. As the pressure builds within the drum, air shoots out the hole in the bottom and blasts passers by with a puff of air.

Ball Launcher

Participants use air pressure from a heavy weight to launch a foam ball high into the air.

Be A Builder

Participants use two dimensional blueprints and wooden blocks to build a three dimensional structure. Blueprints come in a variety of levels of difficulty ranging from Easy to Very Difficult.


Participants see how iron fillings suspended in a liquid form an interesting creation called ferrofluid, which, when placed near a strong magnet, create interesting designs/forms.

Magnetic Levitation

Participants can see how strong magnetic poles can repel each other with these floating discs. As they press down on the disc, they can feel the magnets forcing the disc skyward. They also see how magnetic levitation can be used for such new technology as maglev trains.


Participants wrap a rope around various pulleys to determine how additional pulleys reduce the amount of work needed to move an object.

Puzzling Plans

Participants are challenged to correctly arrange colored blocks in the correct order using two dimensional blueprints. Blueprints come in a variety of levels of difficulty ranging from Easy to Very Difficult.


Participants construct two pyramids using only the few wooden blocks provided.

Roller Coasters

Participants use a magnetic wall and Frigits to build a track for a marble to roll down and see the force of gravity in action.


Participants are challenged to find the fewest number of moves to transfer discs from one rod to another.

Fun active  Activities are suitable for adults and children.


Tickets: Adults – $6.00, Children (12 and under) – $4.00 

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