Bad Art by Good People

Twenty-four local personalities will be given a blank 16 x20 canvas and partnered up with a professional artist to create a piece of art.  These artists will not only be creating a piece of art, they will be fighting for community votes.  Once all the artwork is completed, the election process will begin.

The Bad Art by Good People election will be like nothing the community expects from regular elections. There may be scandals, information may be leaked and many other election no- no’s. Every member of the community is encouraged to vote and vote as many times as they like.  Voting starts September 1, 2020 and will cost $1.00 per vote, anyone can vote. There are no restrictions on age, geography or number of times a person can vote.  Once Gateway Arts Council reaches its funding goal of $10,000, fifty percent of all proceeds above that amount will be given to a local charity.

No election would be complete without the Bad Art Ball and the Art Election is no exception. Gateway Arts Council hosts a Bad Art Ball on October 1, 2020.  This ball will feature a dinner and the “Bad Art” will be auctioned off.

Proceeds from the election will help The Gateway Arts Council provide quality artistic experiences and entertainment to Sidney and the Shelby County community.  Fifty percent of proceeds beyond Gateway’s fundraising goal will go directly to the Amos Memorial Library.

How to Vote

  1. Use the buttons below.
  2. Call 937-498-2787
  3. Mail you vote to Gateway Arts Council P.O. Box 14  Sidney, Ohio

Voting Starts September 1, 2020

Tracy Kies

Missy Bennett

Tilda Philpot

Marcia Osborne

Renee Arnold

Karla Doseck

Jon Watkins

Debbie Phelps

Anita Doll

Kurt Barhorst

Julia Moore

Brian Strunk

Wes Goubeaux

Elaine Cantrell

Zach Walton

Kevin Behr

Purchase a ticket to the                                      Bad Art Ball                                                        Oct. 1, 2020