Moving A Nation: Made In Shelby County

The Gateway Arts Council is proud to announce the production of a film dedicated to telling the story of our county’s incredible workforce. “Moving A Nation: Made in Shelby County” will be a one-hour documentary that is expected to be released to the public in Oct. 15 & 16, 2016 at the Sidney Auto Vue Drive In Theater.

The film will focus around the statistic that Shelby county is per capita home to more manufacturing than anywhere else in Ohio and will feature interviews from many of the local employers and employees who make Shelby County the leader in the state.

Read the article from the April 7, 2016 Sidney Daily News by Patrica Ann Speelman

Columbus documentary filmmaker John Ondo will be producing and directing this film. Ondo’s production company Ondo Media, last year produced the film on Botkins School called “The Trojan Journey” which was nominated for an Ohio Valley Emmy award this year. You can follow the progress of the documentary on Facebook.

The film is being underwritten by a group of Shelby County businesses.

It is now available to rent the DVD of “Moving A Nation”


Emerson Climate Technologies


Alvetro Orthodontics

Lochards Inc.

Panel Control Inc.

Wells Brothers

Gibbs Farms LLC.

Hi Grade Oil

Rising Sun Express

Air Handling Equipment

Sidney Civic Band



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