September 15, 2014

Youth Series

Get involved in an amazing year of great art for our children!

 Virginia Repertory Theatre

Santa’s Christmas Miracle


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cameo Theater  

7:00 PM

A holiday treat for young audiences, this charming musical comedy is set in Broken-Bone, Montana on December 24, 1883, where the sheriff has outlawed Christmas! It is up to a mysterious stranger and a bungling bandit named Big Bad Bart to unravel the plot and bring the true meaning of the season back into focus. This delightful story emphasizes love and the holiday spirit to the accompaniment of foot-stompin’ country and western music.

Tickets: Adults – $6.00, Children (12 and under) – $4.00 

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Second Grade Performance

Johnny Appleseed

February, 2017

Sidney High School Auditorium

9:30 AM

This American folk hero is famous for planting apple trees all over the Midwest. But many of his stories are larger than life. Legend has it he wore a tin pan as a hat and walked hundreds of miles in bare feet – even in snow! He could move through forests without making a sound, he saved settlers from raids, fought in the battle of Tippecanoe, knew the great Indian Chief Tecumseh – and even knew Abraham Lincoln. But what is real and what is fiction? Columbus Children’s Theatre  brings to life Johnny Appleseed in many of his legendary adventures. After each one, your students get to vote on whether it was a myth or the truth, and learn the answer. An engaging, funny, and educational journey through the life of Johnny Appleseed.

Free to all Shelby County Second Grade Students