6th Annual “Bad Art by Good People”


September-October 2016

Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward

“Always Remembered”

Kelli loves animals.

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Nicole Laber

Nicole Laber

“Leaving Paw Prints On My Heart”

Nicole loves pets.

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Lance Symonds

Lance Symonds


Lance and his family have a dog named Ellie.

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Peggy Henthorn

Peggy Henthorn

“American Soldier”

Peggy is a pet lover. 

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Pam Fultz

“A Tribute to the Blue”

Pam has two pet dogs,Taffy and Yogi.  She also has two cats, Cosmo and Maggie.

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Tim Woodward

“Vet’s Pets”

Tim loves animals.

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Mike McRill

Mike McRill


More to come on their bad artist

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Stan Evans

“Game Day”

Stan is a pet lover.

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Amy Zorn2

Amy Zorn


Amy has a pet dog.

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Deb Hovestreydt

“Better Together”

Deb has 3 dogs; Roxie. Toby & Bandit,  4 house cats; Salem, Garfield, Stella & Max, 3 horses; BB, Chaos & Decker.

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Chip Hix

“Black Cat At Midnight”

Chip is a pet lover.

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Shelly Dooley

“Dogs Make My Heart Paws”

Shelly loves dogs and has several of them.

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Arlene Chilcote

“Dog Gone Good”

Arlene has two dogs…. Maestro and Poco

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stevebakersteve baker art

Steve Baker

“A Father’s Legacy”

Pet – Shih Tzu named “Bozly” for 11.5 years

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Patti Moore

“Faces of Love”

Patti is a pet lover.

Karen Wise

“Puppy Love”

Karen is a pet lover.

Natalie Buzzard

“Got News”

Natalie loves pets.

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Vonda Coverstone

Vonda Coversto


Vonda is a pet lover and has both dogs and cats.

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Brooke Gessler

Brooke Gessler

“Family Love”

Brooke is a pet lover.

Diane Voress

Diane Voress

“The Silent American”

Diane is a pet lover.

Marsha Jarvis

Marsha Jarvis

“What’s for Lunch?”

Marsha pets are named Gracie, Chloe, Lucy and Currie.


Sharon Maurice


Sharon loves pets.

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Anita Miller

Anita Miller

“Get Your Shine On”

Anita is a pet lover.

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Ruth Montgomery

“A Place in the Sun”

Ruth loves pets.


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Greg Schmiesing

“The Door”

Greg loves animals.

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Vote Early……. Vote Often


Bad Art Ball/Auction

October 13, 2016

Tickets $25.00

The art work can be seen in person at the Gateway Arts Council Gallery, Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Weekends and evenings are by appointment.  

 All the artwork will be auctioned off at the Gateway Arts Council’s Bad Art Ball on Oct. 13th  If you would like a ticket to the dinner/action please call Gateway Arts Council.  If you would like to bid

on the work but cannot attend the Ball, please call Gateway and we will take your bid over the phone.  All proceeds from the votes and auction go to support the Gateway Arts Council and SCARF.

Bad Art Ball Invite Front 2016

Ball Art Ball Invite Back 2016Preview Image